Monthly Recall Reports

These reports are discontinued with the December 2021 publication. Please see the NHTSA interactive recalls dashboard here for all 2022 and newer recall data.

Following are links to the Monthly Recall Reports for the past 6 months. Each monthly report is a brief summary of safety defect and non-compliance notices received during the given month.
You can search for detailed information on a particular recall notice in the report using the Recall ID (e.g., 06V261) as follows:
  1. Go to the NHTSA Safety Issues & Recalls. page.
  2. Select the "search by NHTSA ID" link under Check your vehicle safety.
  3. Enter the Recall ID in the "NHTSA SAFETY ISSUE ID" textbox on the "Track recalls & safety issues by NHTSA ID" page.
  4. Select the "go" button to view the available information.