Early Warning Reporting - XML Schema

Notice to Light Vehicles and Buses, Medium & Heavy Vehicles Submitters - Updated 6/19/2015

Beginning with submissions of 2015 Quarter 1 (January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015) data, the NHTSA Revision Number 2.0 XML schemas must be used for your data submittals.

Only revisions to data submitted prior to April 1, 2015 will be accepted using the old schemas.

The following table lists the XML schema that are available for use in validating Early Warning Reporting (EWR) aggregate and death and injury data that you enter into XML data files. Once you have downloaded the schema, you may use them in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Early Warning Reporting (EWR) XML Validator to validate your XML data files before you transmit them to NHTSA. For more information about the NHTSA EWR XML Validator, see Downloading the NHTSA EWR XML Validator. For information about downloading the schema, see the Download Instructions section of this page.

Report Type XML Schema NHTSA Revision Number Last Updated
Buses, Medium & Heavy Vehicles Aggregate BusesAndMediumHeavyVehicles.xsd 2.0 1/1/15
Buses, Medium & Heavy Vehicles Death and Injury BusesAndMediumHeavyVehiclesDI.xsd 2.0 1/1/15
Child Restraint Aggregate ChildRestraints.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Child Restraint Death and Injury ChildRestraintsDI.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Equipment Death and Injury EquipmentDI.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Light Vehicles Aggregate LightVehicles.xsd 2.0 1/1/15
Light Vehicles Death and Injury LightVehiclesDI.xsd 2.0 1/1/15
Low Volume Vehicles Death and Injury LowVolumeVehiclesDI.xsd 2.0 1/1/15
Motorcycles Aggregate MotorCycles.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Motorcycles Death and Injury MotorCyclesDI.xsd 1.4 9/12/03
Substantially Similar Vehicles SubstantiallySimilarVehicles.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Tires Aggregate Tires.xsd 1.5 9/27/03
Tires Death and Injury TiresDI.xsd 1.5 9/27/03
Trailers Aggregate Trailers.xsd 1.3 8/19/03
Trailers Death and Injury TrailersDI.xsd 1.4 9/12/03

Download Instructions

Use the following procedure:

Right click on the desired XML Schema above to start the download. A pop-up menu appears.

Click Save Target As to save the schema to your desktop. The Save As dialog box appears.