Early Warning Reporting - Manufacturer Account Application

Last Updated: February 11, 2005

The following links allow you to view and save the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Early Warning Reporting (EWR) Manufacturer Account Application to your local machine. You must fill out this application and then send it to NHTSA/ODI via FAX (202)366-7882 or e-mail (odi.ewr@dot.gov) in order to apply for an EWR account. You can use this EWR account to submit field reports to the Artemis Secure Field Report Server as well as the secure data server.

NOTE: Manufacturers of Equipment and Low Volume Vehicles who DO NOT sell substantially similar vehicles in foreign countries do not need an EWR ID unless they are reporting death incidents. NHTSA ODI will not issue a manufacturer an EWR ID unless the manufacturer is planning to report death incidents.

Click on one of the following links and then select Save As from the File menu to save the application to a directory on your local machine. Directions for filling out the application are included in the application. They can also be found in Section X, Appendix A of the related compendium.