Instructions for Setting up an RSS Feed

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RSS or Really Simple Syndication is an easy way for an organization to deliver up-to-date information to you. Many newspapers use RSS as a way of continually keeping users abreast of breaking news. You can sign up here to receive the latest information regarding safety-related recalls for child restraints, vehicles and tires.

NHTSA does not endorse any particular RSS reader, web browser, or software.

Child Restraint Recalls
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Tire Recalls
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Vehicle Recalls
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Each new recall will remain available for 7 days.
Vehicle Recalls will be updated daily. Tires and Child restraints will be updated whenever a new recall is issued.

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If you are new to RSS, and need to choose an RSS reader, please go to's web site: What is RSS? for more information.

If you already use an RSS reader, click on the XML button above. When the XML page appears, copy the URL shown in the address box of the browser and enter it into your reader, following the appropriate instructions. If you are using Google or MyYahoo as your reader, select the appropriate link above and follow their instructions.